October 8, 2007 on 8:45 pm

Customers have been asking me if M. Bagwell makes canisters for the Mix N’ Match line. Finally, I can say yes she does! The geometric lines are so cute in any kitchen and of course black and white matches everything! But wait there’s more, she has even designed a new Chip N’ Dip and Pitcher for Mix N’ Match, which of course mixes and matches with all of her other lines, like Simply Christmas and Happy Together! These are special order, so expect 3-4 weeks to receive them from your order date.

M. Bagwell Large Canisters

Large Mix N’ Match Canister 9″ H x 7.75″

Medium Mix N' Match Canister

Medium Mix N’ Match Canister 8″x6.75″

Small Mix N' Match Canister bagwell

Small Mix N’ Match Canister 7.25″H x 5″

Mix and Match Pitcher

Mix and Match Pitcher 7.5″ H

October 3, 2007 on 12:49 am

These placemats by Sally Russell are great and you will really think they are great at this price! Normal retail price for a set of four is $40.00, but for the next 24 hours they are only $19.99!! They are Sally’s signature polka dots on one side and a chunky stripe on the other. Since they are black and white they will go with so many things. Mix in some orange plates and you will have a very fun place setting for Halloween. Act fast, because we only have a limited number. Once they are gone, so is the sale.